Artist Spotlight: Juan Fleites

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Juan Profile PicJuan Fleites was already an accomplished animator when he started working with Minus Zero Productions.  PK and Juan initially met doing concept art for Blue Seraph’s JUDAS KISS  way back in 2007.  Juan impressed us with his dramatic Noirish line work and sophisticated layouts.  He was also able to collaborate seamlessly with the additional artists on the project.  (more…)

The Agenda – influence and history

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The Agenda started out as a bit of reactionary word vomit after hearing about the Matthew Shepard tragedy.  It was a shocking and emotional case to follow.  In some ways it felt very much like a direct personal attack to many people in the gay community and understandably reactions were often very angry and exaggerated. (more…)


October Progress!

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Hello Blog,
It’s been a while since I’ve visited you. Sorry about that.This past month has been super busy!

Work on the comics continues steadily. We sent Agenda Book #2 to print, and will have copies for sale at Bent-Con.

A new page of The Agenda went up this weekend.  Lord Smiley and Zach have a new chapter of Junkyard Angels ready for the end of this month.  And I got to see a sneak peek at Juan’s contribution to the Junkyard Angels Finale and it’s breath taking.

I’ve also got a great treat planned for the Halloween.  I’ll be putting up my horror film Miss Gentilbelle at the end of this month, sometime around Halloween.

October is the final stretch until Bent-Con, and this year looks like it’s going to be amazing!

Silvana, Zach, Abe, and Andrew will be attending and hanging out at the Minus Zero Productions Booth. Special guest artist John Hahn will also be helping out and selling his own books.

This will be the most concentrated gathering of Minus Zero Artists ever! We promise to take pictures assuming the sheer awesomeness doesn’t shatter existence, so come down and say hi!

As always, thank you for reading….

More soon!