Gayformers: The Sequel

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Quite a while after I’d stopped making new strips. Jody asked me to do a review of the new Transformers Movie “Revenge of the Fallen”.  It seemed simple enough, and this strip seemed to capture the general consensus among myself and many of my friends about the “The Sequel!”

Gayformers: Surprise!

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This was the beginning of an effort to make the strips fit into some sort of narrative. It was pretty much a failure… and I ended the run shortly afterwards to start working on Junkyard Angels.

Overall the whole thing was a pretty great learning experience, and we made it to 19 strips before the project imploded which isn’t too bad.

Okay, it’s not great either.  But one thing I learned is that I really was better at telling stories, as opposed to writing gags.  The “New Adventures” was laid out as a sit com with story-lines and character dynamics.  And I hope to be able to revisit that story soon.

Gayformers: Coming Out Part2

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This strip was based on the actual conversation I had with my father when I came out.  Probably one of the most awkward moments of my life. The real conversation took place over the phone, was a little more in depth (and disturbing) and ended with my father telling me to “Be nice to your mother”

You’ll notice another skip in the numbering, I have no idea why that happened. I’m not even sure what #8 is or was anymore, although it may still be floating around the ethers of Doorq somewhere…

Gayformers: Coming Out Part 1

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This is a true’ish story. Part 2 mostly.  I almost always wrote Gayformers strips as if they were real human characters, and then just added the Transformers terminology after the fact.  This strip mixes a few different canons, and also gets us into some uncanny valley territory (kinda like Pixar’s disturbing world of CARS).  But this was necessary to get us to part 2.