Gayformers: Ninjas and Pirates

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You’ll notice that the numbering skips around a little.  The weekly schedule at DoorQ was pretty difficult for me to keep up with, and not all of the strips were very good. In fact some, like #5 were downright in bad taste.  I’m only re-posting the strips that I still think are funny.

This episode doesn’t have any Gayformers in it at all but there was a huge online fascination at the time about “Ninjas and Pirates” and people were voting or making comics about who they thought would win, this was my entry.

Gayformers: Bus Stop

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This strip was 100% an excuse to push the limits of how bizarre I could get and have it still make sense. I was also exploring the idea of a comics page that was just infinitely vertical.

And besides, there’s a dude in it with a piece of Cherry Pie for a head. How can you go wrong?