PK Eiselt (Writer / Publisher Minus Zero Productions)
A graduate of UC Santa Barbara’s film studies program who has more
than six films to his credit, as well as being a regular contributor to the
web series “Hidden Frontier”.  This year, in addition to continuing his work on “Junkyard Angels”,  PK is launching the new Science Fiction Webcomic: “The Agenda” as well as relaunching his satire series “Gayformers”.

Zachary Enea (Co-Creator/ Artist of Junkyard Angels)
Raised on a steady diet of comic books, animation and Mad Magazine,
Zach gained an early appreciation and love of the comic book art form.
Zach showed an early aptitude for story telling through illustration which
has led him to utilize his talents towards designing iconic images for
businesses, story boards, pin-ups and sequential art.
Zach currently resides in San Francisco.

Andrew Whelan (Colorist for Junkyard Angels)
As the oldest of four otter pups, Andrew was known for spending most
of his time communing with nature and making art while the others slid
in the mud and juggled stones. Eventually, Andrew took a shining to
the artist Stan Sakai which influenced his imagination and steered him
towards an artist’s life.  Riddled with the ease and unabound wealth that comes from being an artist, the intrepid boy moved to California where he spends his time drawing, programming, and generally creating in any medium he finds that he loves.
He currently resides in San Francisco.

Juan Fleites (Cover Artist, and Artist for Junkyard Angels)
Formed his love of comics during childhood with awesome comics such as
Metal Hurtlant (aka Heavy Metal), Blueberry, and more.  He’s worked in the
comic and animation industry for 12 years. He loves collaborating on projects
and creating new graphics for compelling stories.  Juan loves Grindhouse Movies, Pulp Comics and Louise Brooks!!

Lord Smiley (Artist and Graphic Designer for Minus Zero Productions)
Resides in Alabama with his wife and daughter. He attended both the
Alabama School of Fine Arts and Savannah College of Art and Design.
Currently holds an Associates Degree in Graphic design and works as
a graphics and video production assistant.
Current Hobbies include: Pepakura (building paper models), playing
Halo and Gears on the Xbox, drawing comics, and animating.

Abraham Lee (Character Designer and Colorist for Junkyard Angels)
Abraham Lee’s first true love was art. After receiving MFA degree
in Computer arts, his intention was to pursue art full time.
Then the economy collapsed, and he was forced to grudgingly accept
a mundane job producing video games in big corporates. Abraham
has recently reunited with his old flame “Fine Art”, and it feels so good.

J.T. Tepnapa (Co-Writer / Producer)
JT is an international award-winning filmmaker whose films have appeared in
festivals in more than six countries receiving best short honors and his feature
film directorial debut ‘Judas Kiss’ has received several awards and distribution
domestically and internationally.  He has also acted in, directed and produced
several seasons of Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, the longest running Star Trek fan series.  He also played Lt. Commander Hikaru Sulu on theaward-winning ‘Star Trek: Phase II’ and appeared in many plays, features, shorts, and commercials.  J.T. is now working on two feature films, “The Dark Place” and “Something Like Summer” under his production company, Blue Seraph Productions.

Jody Wheeler

A former therapist and social worker, DoorQ CEO Jody Wheeler wrote the recently completed film, Heatwave, for Regent Entertainment/Here! TV. His short horror film, In the Closet, premiered at the 2008 OutFest Film Festival in Los Angeles. His other screenplays have been honored — twice with a Karl David Screenwriting Award and as a Top 100 Finalist in the Project Greenlight contest, and as a semifinalist in the Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition. Jody is currently in production with Blue Seraph Productions on his second feature, The Dark Place.

Once upon a time, he taught sex ed. He now teaches screenwritng, after earning a 2006 MFA in the subject from UCLA. Curiously, they’re both taught the same way.


Jon Davis (Character Designer for Junkyard Angels)


Silvana Inks (Artist for The Agenda)
Both a lover of art and stories, she found the marriage of both in comics and followed down that path. It was fortunate that she did, otherwise she might’ve ended up doing something else like chasing tornadoes or going into space. She also has experience with character designs, logos, album covers, and posters.