Gayformers: The Heart of Saturday Night

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Gayformers was a an evolution of an series I was doing on for an online Transformers Message board.  One of the members had created these goofy flash characters for all of the members of the site, and many of us had gotten into making little comics using the little avatars being terrible to each other.

Not long after that, another member started writing up “Tech Specs” for people on request, and soon we had a little story concocted. That story ended up a sprawling adventure of amateurish epicness. But the work done in that series was like a crash course in the fundamentals of making comics and just telling stories visually.

The little characters were pretty static for the most part, but it wasn’t long before I was pulling them apart and creating little “paper dolls” out of them to make them more expressive.  Not unlike how Southpark started. Although this has always been 100% digital.

Gayformers proper came about because at least 3 of the members (and thus little characters) were Gay in real life, and Jody Wheeler thought the whole thing was bizarre and disturbed enough that he wanted me to create a spin off focusing on just the Gay Characters and making gay adventures.