ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Andew Whelan, Junkyard Angels Colorist

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Andrew Whelan joined the Minus Zero Productions team as a colorist and character designer early in the development of Junkyard Angels in 2010. Since then Andrew’s produced over 60 pages of colored art as well as contributing to character designs and penning  a “Coloring for Junkyard Angels ” essay for our previous host and sponsor DoorQ! You can find it Here!


He’s stuck with us through the numerous challenges and delays of JA’s Production cycle, while always providing professional and exciting coloring work for the project.


Andrew currently resides in San Francisco and just moved into a new apartment with his boyfriend all while continuing to be awesomely successful designing video games!  The good news is that you can check out his new game “Legacy of a Thousand Suns Mobile” on Facebook and iTunes.

The bad news is that his new responsibilities will require him to step down from his coloring duties for Junkyard Angels.  But he’s also let slip that he’s been working on a secret personal comic project.

Although we’re sad to see him go, we are excited for Andrew and wish him luck on his new endeavors.  Hopefully he’ll also return to share his new projects with us as they develop! Good luck buddy, we certainly couldn’t have gotten this far with out you!

Junkyard Angels Cover Design

Andrew’s most recent work on Junkyard Angels can be found Here!

Andrew can be contacted for commission work and fan-mail at:

Check back with us this Saturday as Minus Zero presents JT Tepnapa’s short “Cody’s Wish”!