Artist Spotlight: Juan Fleites

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Juan Profile PicJuan Fleites was already an accomplished animator when he started working with Minus Zero Productions.  PK and Juan initially met doing concept art for Blue Seraph’s JUDAS KISS  way back in 2007.  Juan impressed us with his dramatic Noirish line work and sophisticated layouts.  He was also able to collaborate seamlessly with the additional artists on the project. 


When Zach and PK were plotting out the initial plan for Junkyard Angels, they knew they would want backup stories, both to offer counter points to the main story as well as to give the creative team rest breaks. Juan was their first choice, and he graciously accepted their proposal to take over the “Milton” Back-story.  As Junkyard Angels continued and became more ambitious, Juan stepped up and continued to support the project by providing covers, Character designs, and now in the final chapters, Backgrounds and Layouts.



Juan continues to work with My Pet Stone Studios Animation Studio, as well as pursuing independent comics, and art.  Juan’s newest project is Alice: Age 21 an erotic adventure in which Alice is lured back to Wonderland by Hattie (The Mad Hatter’s Daughter) who is secretly hoping to escape the confines of Wonderland forever.  In addition to being based on Lewis Carrol’s classic tale the comic also takes inspiration from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Alice Cover 2


Juan has more work on display at his Deviant Art Page as well as his Patreon Page, and is available for commission work.
Space Girl



Juan and PK are looking to develop Alice: Age 21 for Minus Zero Productions in both Spanish and English editions.