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Writer PK Eiselt, first met Lord Smiley during an art contest on a transformers fan-site. Smiley’s sophisticated use of the Chibified Transformer designs and his hilarious breaking of the fourth wall made him a clear winner.

Since then, Smiley has been an invaluable contributor to Minus Zero Production’s growth. In addition to doing all of the LOGO Designs for the site as well as the updated 2013 Logo for Bent-Con, he was the lead artist on the “Minus Zero Anthology” book, adapting his style to create a unique look for each story.

Lord Smiley went on to contribute to the Junkyard Angels series with contributions to the kids’ back stories.   We’ll be collecting those stories in the Junkyard Angels: Apocrypha, soon!  As well as adding a brand new story from Lord Smiley featuring Hallie during her formative years.

Currently Lord Smiley is picking up the coloring duties from Andrew. They’ve been working together to make sure that the transition is smooth as we ride into the final exciting conclusion of our tale.

You can see more of Lord Smiley’s work on his DEVIANT ART PAGE!   He’s also available for freelance design and can be contacted at:

Check back with us this weekend for Booboo Stewart’s Millennium Man, and then next week, Junkyard Angels returns with a new chapter!