Artist Spotlight: Silvana Inks

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Silvana is the artist for The Agenda, she’s been with the project from the beginning, starting with the character designs and on through to the finished inked product, Silvana continues to enrich the story and bring a new dimension to the characters. 

She and PK have been working together since 2011, after being introduced by mutual friend and collaborator, John Davis and have so far produced two books. She is currently attending art school, and spends most of her time drawing for an Illustration program and doing freelance commissions when she isn’t working on The Agenda.

From logos to CD albums, book covers and portraits, Silvana has done a variety of things but The Agenda is her first comic collaboration. She is excited to be a part of the Minus Zero team and learn from its talented members .

Silvana will be attending 2013’s Bent Con, at the Minus Zero Productions Booth and invites you to say ‘hi’! Currently Silvana has a Deviant Art: and you can also contact her at