Millennium Man & Booboo Stewart


I first met Booboo while working for ENI News. I’d reached out to him for an interview for the site and found that he and his family were incredibly friendly and open.  At the time he’d just done his first role in twilight and was a rising star.  During the course of the interview we got to talking off the record and Booboo and I started talking about comics. He confided that he wanted to draw a comic but was having trouble with a story.  At the time I was just a few months from launching Junkyard Angels through DoorQ, and mentioned that I was writing a comic.We decided that we’d touch base again in a month, he’d bring some art and I’d have some writing samples.I turned in my initial script and we began talking about larger stories.  Initially I was surprised at how dark Booboo wanted to take the story.  Millennium Man would be a teenager struggling with school and family issues, but also have electrical powers.  He also wanted the character’s relationship with his sister to be central to the story, and have her be an important part of the “super hero team”. Even though she didn’t seem to have super powers (at first). But there was a complicated guilt and corruption of power theme that he wanted to explore.

We soon settled on a theme that as far as I know has never been done before quite like this: going off the idea that “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” we asked, “what if that great power ended up with the school bully?”

So the dynamic would be – the more that Jeremy defended the city and got acclaim as Millennium Man, the more he would be coming unraveled and troubled as a student. And this would culminate in the first arc with a tragic event at his school, and have larger ramifications for the character over a more sustained arc.We got Zach Enea on board as inker and colorist and made good progress at first. Booboo even got to meet Zach and talk with him about being a professional artist and get some tips.

Then unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it). Booboo’s schedule really took off.   Although we’d meet occasionally to go over pages, we found it more and more difficult to align our schedules.  The project kind of went on the back-burner for almost a year.

We eventually got the first chapter complete and was ready to print. We had even discussed having the short 7 page story accompanied by the release of his new CD.  Booboo was unsure if he was even going to be able to follow through with the rest of the story lines that we’d discussed.

After a long dormant period, I was given permission to put the story up on my site for free. And even though we didn’t get to follow through on all of the great ideas that we had together, I’m grateful for the experience, and learned a lot from our collaboration.

I also made a good friend and got to be part (a small part) of the crazy life of a movie star for short while.
Check out the short and let us know what you think!