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Welcome to Minus Zero Productions!
Today we have a treat with 4 new pages of comic story and art!
We currently have 2 webcomics in production.


Not all is what it seems when a gay teenager commits a gruesome and shocking suicide in front of his horrified family. The mystery deepens as his boyfriend, Jason makes his way through a robot-zombie apocalypse to find out the truth about why his boyfriend died, in this epic tale brought to you from PK Eiselt Zach Enea and DoorQ!
Junkyard Angels will be putting up 3 new pages each month for the rest of the year as we build to our exciting conclusion!


In the future, procreation is tightly regulated.  Homosexuality is the norm, and Heterosexuals face extreme discrimination. After a night of partying, all Gavin Preston wants to do is to get back home to his pregnant husband and unborn child, but a wrong turn lands him in the middle of a “Breeder” rebellion.  Soon the authorities are pursuing him as a suspected terrorist.  Gavin Preston will never be the same again, and his adventure has only just begun!
Agenda posts a new page every Saturday!