The Agenda: Page 10


Despite The Agenda being a bit of a political satire, one thing that I hope comes across in the stories produced by Minus Zero Productions is that “Being Gay” is not the central issue of the story. Characters may be gay or straight, and there may be conflicting worldviews, but the struggle is never about coming out, or being gay itself. In these books, this is just how the world is and the characters interact in it naturally.  Even in Junkyard Angels, where there is a very deliberate “coming out” chapter. It’s played in it’s own context and is not related to the couple being gay or straight.

At the center of The Agenda story, is a loving couple starting a family.  Everything Gavin does through out the story is in an effort to get back to his husband and daughter. And Gavin’s made some mistakes, and certainly has some growing to do, but the idea that he and Richard are together and raising a child is never questioned. Whether Gavin’s actions and poor choices manage to endanger his family or relationship remains to be seen.  Stay tuned!

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