The Agenda: Page 11

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Silvana and I talked a lot about fashion and architecture in preparation for this story.  It was something that I hadn’t put much detail into in the initial story. But moving it to a purely visual medium brought this aspect of the story to the forefront.

Both of my lead artists, Zach and Silvana keep collections of images of technology, architecture, art, and fashion for reference.

Silvana and I worked on character designs and the fashions for about 3 months before the first page was drawn.  I personally drew inspiration from sources such as Project Runway, Drag Fashion, K-Pop, and International Male Catalogs.  But Silvana really took my suggestions and made them her own.

One of the ideas behind creating a Gay Utopia/Dystopia would be that the world is immaculately designed and accessorized. The city is absolutely beautiful, on the surface. Just like in real life.