The Agenda: Page 8

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Hurry up Gavin! You’re going to be late!

I started writing the story that would end up being “The Agenda” in October of 1998, after hearing about the murder of Matthew Shepard.  The first draft was mostly just an angry word vomit directed at both the injustice and horror of the situation, but also at many of the reactions I saw within the Gay & Lesbian community.

When I rediscovered the story last year, I was surprised to see how many of the core issues were still relevant and unresolved.  The story itself was sloppy, angry and more than a little derivative.  With Silvana’s help, I was able to revise and rebuild the story so that it heightened the core conflicts and strengthened the themes while retaining some of the visceral anger that fueled the first drafts.  Silvana and I hope to be able to share other notes and insights as we continue on with the series.

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